Why We Forget History; Short Memory

In the fast few days Anna Hazare has created history and opened a new chapter in India, is what i have heard and majority of Indians Believe that to be true.. 

By God this is a very very sad day because we fail to read history, such blackmail of democracy has never ever benefited the mass.. Pls kindly look back in India History.

The shut down o f Mills by Our Own George Fernandez in Mumbai, be it the cloth Mills or Coca Cola, was hailed as mass movement by a very very honest and clean George Fernandez, It was required at the time to help the mass, the mill workers..  the intent and purpose was very very clean and had no political color nor any motivation other than to help Mill Workers. 

But what the status today, these Mill have shut down and the Mill Owners are selling the land at HUGE Price, the system always work to the benefit of the have and never for have nots.

Lets take the case of JP, boy, i was very very young and in 3rd standard but i did shout on the roads, “Gali Gali mae Shor hai, Congress Wale Chor hain” during the emergency period. Yes we achived a short term goal and booted the emergency. But what about the end game, today we have so many regional parties and can anybody vouch for their Conduct, which has helped the masses….the amm jantha… 

Let come closers, The Mandal experiment by VP.. Again a man of high integrity…? can you forget the images of people burning themselves on the streets of India, 70% of our populations is backward, this is a fact and requires help to fast track them into development. but what did that movement do.. took India to bankruptcy, we had to pledge gold / sell gold to pay our bills…My Friends Remember, how bad we felt..

Brother & Sister, all political movements are fraughtt with danger, only and only exception was each and every movement led by M.K Gandhi, he would not only move the masses against the ills of the nations but also be their conscious and stop the movement immediately whenever the movement lost its focus or whenever the movement did the smallest wrong.

I hail the man, I have tried my best to understand him, I have watched his movie many many times and i watch it every time its shown. I was angry at him for some of the actions, specially when he stopped the movements, just because a few miss behaved or event against the grain of Ahimsa but today i understand “A Wrong is Wrong and should not only be condemned but we must do Prashchit (Penance)”

Politic is necessary evil but its not one of the pillar of nations, the pillars are 

1. Govt.
2. Executive
3. Judiciary
4. Media

The Ills we see in the Nation called India is because of failure of Judiciary.. when the courts cannot produce or close a case after so many years (most of them are 10Year +), they have failed the nation.. hence the turmoil that we see.. 

The Four pillar make sure that we have clear and clean democracy, if one of pillar fails us then we have the corrupt Democracy.. Our fight should be to strengthen the Four Pillars and not play with fire — Politics.. remember these word 

“It is said that every people has the Government it deserves. It is more to the point that every Government has the electorate it deserves; for the orators of the front bench can edify or debauch an ignorant electorate at will. Thus our democracy moves in a vicious circle of reciprocal worthiness and unworthiness.”


Why appeal to the mob when ninetyfive per cent of them do not understand politics, and can do nothing but mischief without leaders? And what sort of leaders do they vote for? For Titus Oates and Lord George Gordon with their Popish plots, for Hitlers who call on them to exterminate Jews, for Mussolinis who rally them to nationalist dreams of glory and empire in which all foreigners are enemies to be subjugated.”

–by George Bernard Shaw

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