Managing FaceBook Setting App Permissions

Managing FaceBook Setting App Permissions; Learn, know how to manage your account before the Account Manages You.

When Using Facebook, we open our life to the media and world. When FaceBook is hell bent to make money out of you, it is very very important that we know what we are sharing on the wall & when we use the apps

These Setting should keep things under check.

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Managing FaceBook Setting (Timeline and Tagging Settings)

Managing FaceBook Setting (Timeline and Tagging Settings) is a Challenge..

Couple of my Friends had issues on being tagged on inappropriate Photo & Video.. The Issues is with the setting of FaceBook, a general GuideLine is as follows..

Who can add things to my timeline I strongly recommend the following settings

1. Who can post on your timeline?          > Friends
2. Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? > On (this allows you to check the tag’s and allow only appropriate ones)

Who can see things on my timeline? this setting is your personal choice, I keep it as follows because I trust my friends not to “raise a storm in tea cup on my posting”. But for sure you can change these if you want, I suggest keep it as bellow.. trust your Friends a bit.Continue reading

FaceBook SDK Query (Until and Since): Solved

FaceBook SDK Query (Until and Since), It’s Difficult to understand from the documentation of FaceBook SDK, The Following code, Clears the Confusion.

Using: say Since=10-06-2015 to get All Post from Today till 10-06-2015, the Result is from 10 June till today hence Next goes front till Today is reached.

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