Resorting the Xperia M Sony to stock firmware

Simple way to restore your Sony Xperia phone to stock firmware,

1. for Xperia M install the Xperia P driver along with Flashboot driver.
2. you have to keep the finger on the volume down throughout the flash process
3. you can download the flashtool from go to “download” page
4. the Latest Stock Firmware C2004 / C2005 15.5.A.1.5 for C2004 is here for India Firmware Here and for C2005 is here : download and use these instead of the old files 15.5.A.0.18

For Sony Xperia M Single SIM: Follow the instructions in post

For Sony Xperia M Dual SIM: Follow the instructions in post

iPhone iMessage not have the phone number: Solved

Strange I did not see the Mobil no is the iMessage setting? All search on Google was more confusing ….

Found the problem: if the phone is setup without a SIM (Typical in India: the Nano SIM is not Available most of the time), the Mobil No is not picked up in Setting > Phone > My Number

The solution is
1. Enter your Mobil no at Setting > Phone > My Number
2. Switch Off the iMessage Setting > Message > iMessage
3. Switch off the iPhone
4. Switch On the iPhone
5. Switch ON the iMessage Setting > Message > iMessage
6. Confirm ok at the pop up message.

That’s it you are good to go.