1. Rachit Gupta28th October 2017

    Thanks for the post.. I have installed utelnetd via iPKGui on Synology, but not able to understand how i can use python script.

    Hardware Details:
    DSM 6.1.3
    Modem: D-Link DSL-224 v AT_1.13

  2. Srikanth Kamath29th October 2017

    its simple create a folder “myScripts” on the NAS, where you can save your adslReboot.py file with the code, then create a “task” and schedule it to run say every 30min or so.. follow step1 to step5 in this TuT https://tskamath.pactindia.net/script-to-reboot-the-linksys/

  3. Rachit Gupta30th October 2017

    Hi th python file stored in git is – adsl.py (http://tsktech.dyndns.biz:10080/tskamath/pythonRouterReboot/src/master/adsl.py).
    The same file i need to put in NAS volume and then schedule task via DSM control Panel.
    Where i need to add username n pass of Modem..

    If possible please add new post with detailed information. Thanks…


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