TuT on how to Use UPI (Unified payment Interface)

UPI App (Unified payment Interface) launched by RBI and National Payment Corporation of India, is rolled out by individual Banks/Wallets and not by RBI or NPCI.

To help India go Cashless, UPI is a new solution by NPCI to simplify the process of online transactions in India.

Let’s understand how it affect the following:

  • Consumers
  • Merchants (online sellers)

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TataSky Universal Remote Programing

Progaming Tatasky new remote controls to work with other devices

Tatasky Launched two new remote controls for Normal or HD and HD+ Recorder ( HD-PVR) set top boxes, these remotes have “Universal” key, through which one can program the remote to control other devices like TV music System etc. My Remote works with Denon AVR (Music AMP) and TV along with TataSky SBT. This is how I have done it.

Button Available for Programming is limited to these 5 Buttons

  • + Vol
  • - Vol
  • Mute
  • Help
  • Power

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