Display XML data on your Webpage

Display XML data on your Webpage

Many wordpress developers and also others have a need for this, there are many solution, plugin etc., however these did not suit my requirements and hence the following is my solution using PHP.. ( Note: I am hot linking and using the RSS feed; Hot Linking is not approved by many sites).Continue reading

Magento Installation on GoDaddy Hosted Site: Solved

cPannel “Magento” Installation on GoDaddy Hosted Site,

should be a breeze but the support from GoDaddy is horrible and a regular issues is not logged in GoDaddy FAQ: What a shame.


The Installation fails because the installation script does not find PDO-MYSQL…. The following steps will help you to resolve the issue and install “MAGENTO” eCommerce.

Step 1: Check if PHP is up and running Version is compatible with your version of MagentoContinue reading