Backup Your Gmail (IMAP) to Local Harddisk: Thunderbird

While Managing a SME Business, Managing IT resources is critical and must be cost-effective, When People Leave organisation, what is to be done to their official Email Id.. If you allow it to continue then you end up paying for these dead account to Gmail..? Easy way out is Backup these Account and then Delete the Account.  The backup can be kept on your server for as long as per your company policy and later deleted.

Backing up the IMAP Email..? using POP is one way but then if you are using IMAP.. please follow the following.

Gmail emails are the hardest thing to download properly. Google’s other services let you download a file directly from the associated website, but Gmail requires an email application that supports IMAP. We’ll use Mozilla Thunderbird here. Gmail Backup, which we’ve covered in the past, is another option.

Step 1: In Gmail settings, click over to the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab and ensure that IMAP is enabled. You’ll also want to disable folder size limits – otherwise, Thunderbird won’t see all your Gmail messages.Continue reading

OutLook How to use It

OutLook How to use It

In recent days, while attempting to mentoring people, I have noticed that Email’s burdens people to such extent that they are not able to go about a task’s efficiently

a bit of Reading will make you master of Email & Task in Outlook, Just follow the steps

Importing Archive in [Solved]

Importing Archive in is not working for many people, the solution is not clear of the Web Search.. the Following is the workaround.

Fixes issues of bug in Import: the problem importing mbox or Apple files that contain other mbox files (mailboxes inside mailboxes or think of it as folders inside folders) does not work.Continue reading