update on Synology NAS

Some moons back I had written a TuT Python Script to Reboot the LinkSys EA3500 router and Rebooting the ADSL Router when it cannot Access Internet; Synology has released DSM6, which removes CLI Telnet subset from busybox, hence the above script would not work for "telnet".

Further DSM6 does not allow IPKG to be installed, hence the following TuT is install IPKG and then Install "utelnetd" - The utelnetd package provides a small and efficient stand alone telnet server daemon.

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Small & Medium Business Cost Effective Virtual Private Network (VPN) Tunnel

While Consulting for a Business doing about +20Cr (3M USD) revenue, It was a challenge to have full-fledged IT team to manage the Network and other IT related stuff.

The Primary issue was the Accounting Package “Tally ERP9” a popular Accounting Package which is licensed as a server with multi user but lacked remote connectivity but for “tally.net” which used a ddns server hosted by tally. Tally now provides a sync facilities but expects each of the branch to buy a lic..? which requires to renewed every year.

There are many hardware suppliers like Cisco, Netgear etc which provide VPN Routers like RV80 or VPN FireWall from Netgear again these are licensed per connection. They are worth the buck but involves issues beyond a small business person. To find a skilled person on VPN tunnel is also quite a challenge.

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using two DHCP Server / Two DSL Gateways on LAN

Last Week, we had a few days, where one of our ISP service provider (BSNL) had issues with their equipment and the ISP service was down. Although we had one more ISP Service provider, It was pain to plug out the BSNL router from the network and plug the Other Gateway (Airtel). (under sea link cable cut.. news report)

Looking for solution on the Google, it was clear that we would require Hardware + software to have Redundancy, ready product with dual WAN Ports could be purchased and these provide Load Balancing and also redundancy.. We did not require load balancing nor for increasing the download speed by "Combining two Internet Connections".

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