iPhone iMessage not have the phone number: Solved

Strange I did not see the Mobil no is the iMessage setting? All search on Google was more confusing ….

Found the problem: if the phone is setup without a SIM (Typical in India: the Nano SIM is not Available most of the time), the Mobil No is not picked up in Setting > Phone > My Number

The solution is
1. Enter your Mobil no at Setting > Phone > My Number
2. Switch Off the iMessage Setting > Message > iMessage
3. Switch off the iPhone
4. Switch On the iPhone
5. Switch ON the iMessage Setting > Message > iMessage
6. Confirm ok at the pop up message.

That’s it you are good to go.

Huawei 4G LTE Mobile Partner for Yosemite [Solved]

Mobile Partner for Yosemite

The 4G LTE Dongle Sold by Airtel E3272 or E3276 is not supported, for the Drivers for MacBook Pro and for the Yosemite. Airtel WebSite is Crap and the download Links is for Win OS. The helpline (1-800-1030405) is nonsense and useless.

The Chinese vendor Huawei is another Joke.. They have no Idea of English..?? on their site they have “Mobile Partner (for Mac10.9&win8.1)” which nothing but and Installer for WIN.. Yes no DMG for Mac..

There are many many site Providing some links and others for the solution, which is waste of time.. Just follow the steps

Visit Huawei Dongles Page: if you have other Modems or Dongles

Download page for E3276 or E3272 (the 3272 is Dongle which does not fold but its the same one like E3276);

MacBook Yosemite Users Download and WIN Users download “Mobile Partner (for Mac10.9&win8.1)”

I have provided the links for the all their pages because they can change the website layout anytime and non of the links will work.. Just in case I have saved the MacBook file for download Click here if all the above fails

Importing Archive in Mail.app: [Solved]

Importing Archive in Mail.app is not working for many people, the solution is not clear of the Web Search.. the Following is the workaround.

Fixes issues of bug in Import: the problem importing mbox or Apple files that contain other mbox files (mailboxes inside mailboxes or think of it as folders inside folders) does not work.Continue reading