VMWARE on MACBOOK Pro (APPLE & Its Efficiency)

Had Trouble getting the VMWare Fussion to bootup WIN7.. It kept report error saying insufficient memory.. after spending many hrs and days looking for the issue.. found the problem..

My Macbook has 8GB of RAM and hence i had allocated 4GB to VMWare in the setting “Processor & RAM”.. this was the problem.. 

The memory is handled efficiently by MAC OS X and hence the efficiency is so good that it marks the RAM to be inactive… crazy stupid MAC.. in my machine the inactive memory was 3.4GB.. boy Apple definition of efficiency must be screwed..

How to check RAM usage. >Application> Utilities> Activity Monitor  and when its running Click the “System Memory”… You will see the inactive Memory.. if its large pls do the following

1. Run the Terminal (found in Utilities folder) and type purge
2. Run the Disk Utility (found in Utilities folder) and click Macintosh HD and then click the “Repair Disk Permission”

See the changes.. My Macbook  now report InActive Memory to be 46MB.. The VMWare run ok with RAM size of 4GB… 
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