iPython Notebook on MACBOOK: Solved

the Launcher Install by Anaconda does not launch ipython notebook. this due to locale issues on MAC OS X. hence the fix is change the locale before launching notebook

Its not easy to remember this all the time, hence step 3~5 and because I had issues while installing and the following steps 1 & 2 make life a bit easy
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Rebooting the ADSL Router when it cannot Access Internet

The ADSL Modem hangs every now and then.. a reboot work all the time.. this is a issue if there is nobody to reset the modem or the site is remote.

The solution is a simple script in Python which check if “Google” is accessible every 5 min, if google is not available then reboots the ADSL Router, { Not included in the script due to dependencies: you could also send a email or syslog event at every reboot or send the copy of the log File end of the Day}

The Python Script Runs on a Linux Box.. nothing great and simple box. using Python and pExpect, the script logs into the modem whenever it cannot ping www.google.com and send a reboot command to the router. A log of the Reboot is maintained.

The CRON is enabled to periodically check availability of internet access through the modem.. every 5Mins.. (for India with BSNL) but any larger time frame can be used, as required
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