How to Setup the MXCC Remote view for a Mobil Users

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We had a project with 65 MX Camera which required to be view on a MXCC on Laptop which was traveling all over the world. The easy option was to create a NAT for each of the camera but this was not possible due to high cost of the Router which could handle 65 camera.

The alternate solution was to create a VPN Tunnel for the Road Warrior (Mobile Users).. this would require additional hardware at the site. the solution is as follows

NAT Solution–Not Possible
Laptop — Dialup UMTS — Internet —ADSL Router ( Bridge Mode) —— VPN Server (with PPPoE) — Network Switch — — MX Cameras.

The Products for this solution are  

VPN Router for Linksys BEFVP41 (not available in Many country) or Cisco RV042 Dual WAN VPN Router (Advantage: failover to second ISP Provider)
VPN Client Licence from Linksys as many as required

I would like to thank Mr. Satish, Telexcell Mumbai for helping on how to solve the problem..

VPN Using IPSec
— this is quite a expensive solution for small installation hence the idea was to find alternate solutions for the same..

If you will remember i had informed long back of the DD-WRT firmware for many manufactures of Wireless Modems. It was necessary that we had some exposure to this technology without spending much $.. 

— Read Post how to configure the WRT160N for the VPN connection —

VPN with Two ISP

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