Importing Archive in [Solved]

Importing Archive in is not working for many people, the solution is not clear of the Web Search.. the Following is the workaround.

Fixes issues of bug in Import: the problem importing mbox or Apple files that contain other mbox files (mailboxes inside mailboxes or think of it as folders inside folders) does not work.

Mbox in Mbox




The Solution:

  1. Move the lowest possible mailbox/folder to a tmp folder on your desktop.
  2. go to Import Mailbox in and now select all the mbox files in the tmp folder  you want to import.. example “2014 April Inbox.mbox” to “2014 October Inbox.mbox”
  3. Follow the instruction / gui to comple the import in
  4. move the mbox file to the original folder (Note: I use Move instead of copy.. copy take a long time when the file size is large)

You will now have your mails imported into “import folder” on My Mac. and the folder is saved in Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ XXX ▸ Library ▸ Mail ▸ V2 ▸ Mailboxes.

Hope this solve problem of many..


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