How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART I

Warning: This article was published many years ago (greater than two) Apr 22, 2011. Some information may be outdated.

The following is for testing the features of a 50$ Router for the VPN tunnel.. and hence remote view of the MOBOTIX Camera using secure VPN Tunnel and without paying any Licence fee.

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check the latest firmware to download by typing WRT160N at use the Mini Generic first

Once you have the dd-wrt running on your Modem upgrade the firmware to OpenVPN.. download the dd-wrt.v24-14896_NEWD-2_K2.6_openvpn_small.bin and use the web GUI to upgrade the firmware.

Your WRT160Nv3 is now ready for the next step.. I suggest that you read the following

to create the CA Certificates pls follow the the above url and download and install into your laptops.. if any body has difficulties with these then email me at

Partners in India & SAARC an send me a email directly and our distributor shall send you a WRT160Nv3 with DD_WRT firmware openVPN. of course this is not free but on cost basis. Shortly all distributors in APAC shall be able to provide this service.. pls call your distributors of Mobotix for details. or email me.

A) for testing Site to Mobil user, you must have WRT160Nv3 − 1 nos and laptop configured with OpenVPN 
B) for testing Site to Site or Mutli site and Mobil Users you must have WRT160Nv3 − 2 nos and laptop configured with OpenVPN 

I have tested this and its working perfectly.. of course there is no complete solutions You will have to try it yourself before selling this to  your customers.

Once you are ready with the WRT160Nv3 with dd-wrt follow the next post “How to Configure the WRT160 as OpenVPN Server PART II”


Srikanth Kamath

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