VLC Support MxPEG from Version 2.0.1

Pls read through the wiki http://wiki.videolan.org/MxPEG

the following is the update for playing the recording or even the live stream ( opens a new business possibility of transcoding for websites ).. 
Challenge any body want to try this and provide a feedback. with a detailed How to or  “ffmpeg on MOBOTIX for Dummies”

  1. mxg recordings
  2. Live-Streams

  • Microsoft Windows:
  • Mac OS:
  • Linux:
  • GUI:

Simply open the file with VLC.
vlc.exe –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
$ VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/VLC –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
$ vlc –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
Media -> Open Network Stream -> show more options. In Edit Options, add :ffmpeg-format=mxg

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