How to use VLC 2.0.1 on Macbook Pro for MxPEG Streams Live View

MxPEG support was added as of Version 2.0.1.

“Just download any version over V2.0.1 for the platform of your choice. Remember (as per the WIKI above), if you want to use VLC Player to retrieve the live MxPEG stream from the camera, you will need to specify the –ffmpeg-format=mxg option on the command line.” —Graham Smith
The Wiki has the following information

mxg recordings
Simply open the file with VLC.
Microsoft Windows:
vlc.exe –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
Mac OS:
$ –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
$ vlc –ffmpeg-format=mxg “http://:@:/control/faststream.jpg?stream=MxPEG”
Media -> Open Network Stream -> show more options. In Edit Options, add :ffmpeg-format=mxg
The Issue is 

GUI: Media -> Open Network Stream -> show more options is not available on the VLC for MAC.. Hence the following is to help configure “ffmpeg-format=mxg”
btw the Audio works bothways.. if you have the speaker and the Mic enabled on the camera..

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