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Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop to provide remote support or use application on another PC located remotely etc is quite a costly fair, if you are using TeamViewer or Ammyy. of course if it's your business and the support is paid for, then I will recommend TeamViewer. 

Most of us provide support to our friends and relatives, some time hobbyist and part time professional also require to provide remote support, using TeamViewer is a choice but to clicking "Fair", while honestly it's not complete non commercial, is quite a moral challenge.With Chrome Remote Desktop provided by Google we can absolutely provide the support, share a screen, etc for free. for more details pls visit their URL Chrome Remote Desktop details of the features are provided at or at

Google unfortunately has removed  "Chrome app launcher for Windows, OS X, and Linux" hence its to create a shortcut to launch the application follow the step by step guide, its not very complicated, open google chrome and type chrome://apps in the URL It will open the Apps Installed on your PC, right-click on the app and choose "Create Shortcut".

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