iPython Notebook on MACBOOK: Solved

the Launcher Install by Anaconda does not launch ipython notebook. this due to locale issues on MAC OS X. hence the fix is change the locale before launching notebook

> export LAN=en_US.UTF-8
> export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
> ipython notebook

Its not easy to remember this all the time, hence step 3~5 and because I had issues while installing and the following steps 1 & 2 make life a bit easy

Installing of Anaconda on macbook is straightforward but getting it to run with ipython-notebook requires some tweaking on the OS X.

1. download the file from www.continuum.com and run the package installer
2. in the terminal

# update the installs of the following
> conda update conda
> conda update anaconda
> conda update ipython
> conda update ipython-notebook
# you may also update the install modules, if required

3. using TextEdit or TextWrangler make a new file and save is as notebook.sh

echo "Starting ipython notebook"
export LAN=en_US.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
#ipython notebook --pylab inline
ipython notebook

# will not work till you run >chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# in terminal run (note myDev is the folder of the script >./myDev/notebook.sh

4. change permission of the notebook.sh to 777

chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# myDev is the folder where i have stored the bash Script.
# for user without privileges use
> sudo chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# type the password when asked.

5. Now we are good to go.. In the Terminal

> ./myDev/notebook.sh
# myDev is the folder where i have save the bash script. the command is ./notebook.sh

what is ipython-notebook its a runing python with documenting what you are doing.
what the issue with Locale on Macbook.. Sorry i cannot help much, I just accept thats the way it works.. further reading ..?

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