iPython Notebook on MACBOOK: Solved

Warning: This article was published many years ago (greater than two) Oct 13, 2013. Some information may be outdated.

the Launcher Install by Anaconda does not launch ipython notebook. this due to locale issues on MAC OS X. hence the fix is change the locale before launching notebook

> export LAN=en_US.UTF-8
> export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
> ipython notebook

Its not easy to remember this all the time, hence step 3~5 and because I had issues while installing and the following steps 1 & 2 make life a bit easy

Installing of Anaconda on macbook is straightforward but getting it to run with ipython-notebook requires some tweaking on the OS X.

1. download the file from www.continuum.com and run the package installer
2. in the terminal

# update the installs of the following
> conda update conda
> conda update anaconda
> conda update ipython
> conda update ipython-notebook
# you may also update the install modules, if required

3. using TextEdit or TextWrangler make a new file and save is as notebook.sh

echo "Starting ipython notebook"
export LAN=en_US.UTF-8
export LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8
#ipython notebook --pylab inline
ipython notebook

# will not work till you run >chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# in terminal run (note myDev is the folder of the script >./myDev/notebook.sh

4. change permission of the notebook.sh to 777

chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# myDev is the folder where i have stored the bash Script.
# for user without privileges use
> sudo chmod 777 myDev/notebook.sh
# type the password when asked.

5. Now we are good to go.. In the Terminal

> ./myDev/notebook.sh
# myDev is the folder where i have save the bash script. the command is ./notebook.sh

what is ipython-notebook its a runing python with documenting what you are doing.
what the issue with Locale on Macbook.. Sorry i cannot help much, I just accept thats the way it works.. further reading ..?

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