How to Analyze the TCP/IP Network for IP Video Surveillance

Over the year i have worked as a system Integrator, later with the distributor and now at the OEM’s.. and these are my observations

The system Integrators expectation from the OEM’s to resolve the issues faced, helped each OEM’s to squarely blame the other for the problems.. by pointing out the immediate cause for the trouble but not analyzing the full issue and concerns. HOW CAN the SI or WHAT MUST the SI Do in such a situation?

Each OEM’s only work to the technicals of product supplied and will never take the responsibility of the whole solutions.. If the SI does not have the expertise in Network & Storage then they must hire or contract these jobs to experts. this may not be cost effective..

Its always economical to have the expertise’s in house. You can hire CCNA and such trained people or you could provide the tools to your existing employees and promote those who develop the skill sets. for the employees developing a new skill sets will give them good growth path within and outside.

For those who want to learn on your own and develop such skill set on IT & Networking, I have attached the URL which uses the Wireshark a opensourcse network analyzing tools and video tutorials from CACE Tech.. using their products ( all for a cost of 1500 USD).. quite economical when you are doing a 1M$ Projects on TCP/IP

Srikanth Kamath
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