Managing FaceBook Setting App Permissions

Managing FaceBook Setting App Permissions; Learn, know how to manage your account before the Account Manages You.

When Using Facebook, we open our life to the media and world. When FaceBook is hell bent to make money out of you, it is very very important that we know what we are sharing on the wall & when we use the apps

These Setting should keep things under check.

fb1 fb2

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Access another computer with Chrome Remote Desktop to provide remote support or use application on another PC located remotely etc is quite a costly fair, if you are using TeamViewer or Ammyy. of course if it's your business and the support is paid for, then I will recommend TeamViewer. 

Most of us provide support to our friends and relatives, some time hobbyist and part time professional also require to provide remote support, using TeamViewer is a choice but to clicking "Fair", while honestly it's not complete non commercial, is quite a moral challenge.

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Play Movie and Chromecast to TV: [Solved]

Google Chrome now support a variety of media, including playback of movies, hence the best way to cast movie to the Tv is by casting the Google Chrome Tab to Tv and then Drag & Drop the movie to the tab. 



Enjoy Playing your Movies on the Tv. 

No need for any VLC of any other media player, just play movie & music on google chrome by drag & drop on to the tab.

guys file with extension AVI, MOV will not play directly, you will have to convert it to MP4. Use "HANDBRAKE" , it's free and available for many OS.. or you could used the commercial version.