Commodity Code and Sub Commodity Code for VAT Returns

Where to Find the details

asking the basic question on VAT after so many year of implementation is still a guess work, Govt. Karnataka does provide the information but a few know where to look for it..

Step 1: go to ie

Step 2: Login with the user credential

Step 3: Click "Purchase" > "Interstate" > "Upload" 







Step 4: Click "View Reg.CST Commodity Detail"





Step 5: "DownLoad" or Write the details down

OS upgrade to WIN10 for Free

for people wanting to go upgrade to WIN10 for free, we can use the back door left open with Microsoft. Note: if you have a original copy of WIN 7 or WIN8 or WIN8.1 this will work.

It’s been nearly five months since the July 29 deadline for a free Windows 10 upgrade, but Microsoft has left the window open just a crack so users with disabilities can still get a free upgrade to Windows 10 on their PCs running genuine Windows 7 (SP1 required) and Windows 8.1.

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TuT on how to Use UPI (Unified payment Interface)

UPI App (Unified payment Interface) launched by RBI and National Payment Corporation of India, is rolled out by individual Banks/Wallets and not by RBI or NPCI.

To help India go Cashless, UPI is a new solution by NPCI to simplify the process of online transactions in India.

Let’s understand how it affect the following:

  • Consumers
  • Merchants (online sellers)

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