Magento Installation on GoDaddy Hosted Site: Solved

cPannel “Magento” Installation on GoDaddy Hosted Site,

should be a breeze but the support from GoDaddy is horrible and a regular issues is not logged in GoDaddy FAQ: What a shame.


The Installation fails because the installation script does not find PDO-MYSQL…. The following steps will help you to resolve the issue and install “MAGENTO” eCommerce.

Step 1: Check if PHP is up and running Version is compatible with your version of Magento

on the browser go to the URL “” and press “Enter” key. The browser should show the following page or Error


Step 2: If the PHP does not output the above, then your PHP is not installed correctly or the service is not started. Resolve in the installation issue first.

Step 3: Once the PHP is running: get the location of PHP Configuration File ; in the above example its “…./public_html/php.ini

Step 4: cPanel of Godaddy Hosting Services has a file manager Click on the “FileManager” Tab and Select the file php.ini and click “code Edit” and enter the following and save the file

Step 5: Repfresh the Browser and Search for “do_mysql”  and you find the section “PDO Driver for MySQL” Enabled

Done: Now Try Installation of “Magento”…

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