An Application for Cleaning up the Address Book on Apple MAC’s

Address Book or Contact on the MAC BOOK can become cluttered with Junk over a period of time. I have noticed Incorrect Email ID or Phone Numbers, Contact Without Email ID or Phone Numbers, InCorrect Name, Duplicate Names, Same Email ID or Phone Numbers entered for multiple contacts..

Cleaning this Mess manually would not be possible as my contact had grown to +2000, no app is available which did what i wanted.. Just Sort the Contacts into Groups as

  • Duplicate First Name, Duplicate Last Name, Duplicate Names
  • Contacts with Same Phone Numbers, Incorrect Phone Numbers, Contacts with No Phone Numbers
  • Contacts with Same Email ID’s, Incorrect Email ID’s, Contacts with No Email ID’s

I did attempt to write this script two year back and takes help from Guru in Applescript and was successful to get it working, last vacation had time to revisit the code and upgraded it to work much better and handle exception & error ( on going work, feel free to report bugs / exception )

The Script does not Delete of Modify any of the contacts but just sort them into the following Directors

usr- No Name, usr- Duplicate Name, usr- Only First Names, usr- Only Second Names

usr- No Phone Numbers, usr- No Email Id’s, usr- Duplicate Phone Numbers, usr- Duplicate Email ID’s, usr- Incorrect Phone Numbers, usr- Incorrect Email ID’s

pls download the same from [listyofiles folder=”../shareFiles” filter = “scpt”]

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