update on Synology NAS

Some moons back I had written a TuT Python Script to Reboot the LinkSys EA3500 router and Rebooting the ADSL Router when it cannot Access Internet; Synology has released DSM6, which removes CLI Telnet subset from busybox, hence the above script would not work for "telnet".

Further DSM6 does not allow IPKG to be installed, hence the following TuT is install IPKG and then Install "utelnetd" - The utelnetd package provides a small and efficient stand alone telnet server daemon.

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WordPress Theme Arjuna-X Fixed after Upgrading to 3.5

WordPress 3.5 broke the Arjun-X Theme. The developer is not supporting anymore, hence it was left to the user adopting the theme to fix it. Test and proved method is detailed in post by Samuel Wood (Otto) Tech Ninja post.

The Issue is with JQuery Custom File in the theme. WordPress 3.5 has included the correct copies of JQuery-UI, hence the custom file “jquery-ui-1.8.10.custom.min.js is not required hence delete it and ref to this file in “function.php” hs to edit to as follows

using individual Gateways for the Two LAN on Synology NAS

Synology NAS has only one default Gateway field in the GUI for Network, hence in case you want the two lan to have its own gateways then the following will do the trick.

Control Pannel > Network > General Tab

Server Name: NAS
Default Gateway:

1. configure the LAN 1 “Manual Configuration”

IP Address
subNet Mask

2. configure the LAN 2 “Manual Configuration”

IP Address
subNet Mask
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CRON on Synology NAS

to stop and start  “crontab” in the following (non-standard-Linux) way (from forum.synology.com):

/usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/S04crond.sh stop
/usr/syno/etc.defaults/rc.d/S04crond.sh start

or Reboot the NAS: Remember Rebooting the NAS will take 5~6 Min..